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Name: cpa in houston
Good luck!
Name: Martin mc kenna
Just to say thank you again this means so much to me
Name: ROR
Any pics of the Gala nite ??
Name: John Paul Mullan
Had a brilliant night at the gala dinner, food was great, company was great and the night was very entertaining. Well done to all who were involved in organising this event hopefully this will be a yearly event. All the best JP
Name: Benny San Fran
Wish I could have been there for the gala night,, sounds like a great night,, people involved deserve a load of credit.. The big fella would have been  proud.
Name: anne
keep up the good work you are all a credit to the SPOH charity
Name: una o' loan
the website looks great
Name: Con Magee
This web-site:

might be a good one for you.

If doing something like a marathon then set-up an account and get people to send round details to their work/friends in email.

People can then donate easily from behind a computer and it will save the need to go round collecting.

N.B. Not a sales pitch but I think it would be useful.
Name: irish news reader.
What an emotional article in the Irish News - you are inspirational - after such a loss in your lives that you are able to give something back in Shaun Pauls name is nothing short of heroic. I wish more people in this world could be like you and your family Sinead. He would be so proud.
Name: Sinead Connolly
Shaun Paul is never far from our thoughts. Congartulations on all your hard work. He would be so proud of you all.
Name: Rossa Man
Just read the bit in the Irish News about the charity. The family and friends of SPOH deserve no end of credit. I played against SPOH on many an occasion and you always knew you get a good hard but always fair game with him. Keep up the good work.
Name: Staff of A4
Thanks for a great time at the pink night.It was a great night and we are really happy that loads of money was raised. Our thoughts are always with the O Hagan family
Name: cas and mic
great to see SPOH's memory being carried on through this site, shows how much he is missed
Name: Jamie
Great Website ... Keep up the good work
Name: benny
good stuuf with the trust,, looking froward to seein pics of ferg @ the pink nite,, (fag)